Elite teams are made up of motivated individuals working at peak performance. Use our program to revolutionize your team.


At the heart of success is your own personal performance. Train like a pro, be coached like a pro, win like a pro.

The Four Pillars of Success

We've identified the four areas of focus to help anyone succeed.
Learn how our Elite Performance Coaches can help you, your team and your organisation achieve the results you want.


Increase Energy
Maximize Regeneration
Reset Mind


Maximize Energy
Fuel Recovery
Love Your Food


Achieve Your Ideal Physique
Feel Stronger
Total Body Health


Maximize Performance
Achieve Goals
Successful New Lifestyle


We’ve worked with businesses and individuals around the world. Here’s what some of them had to say.



I’m Wes Myron, the founder of Elite Performance Lifestyle, which I founded after I finished my professional sports career.

I learned first-hand how pro athletes and teams achieve their best results, by surrounding themselves with the very best coaches. This commitment to improvement success and fulfilment.

That’s why we bring together world-class expert coaches to work with individuals and companies around the world to help them maximise success, by achieving peak performance.

Coaches, quite literally, bring a different perspective to your life because their eyes and head are in a different position to yours.

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