About EPL

Delivering the routine to achieve your goals

Today, men and women, leaders, owners and managers seek out Elite Performance Lifestyle to learn how to get the competitive advantage and achieve their fullest potential both for themselves and their organisations.

We believe that the secret to success is outlining your goals and having a great coach.

Our innovative methods and performance lifestyle plans have helped thousands of people achieve their fitness and business goals and changed their lives.

Now, this programme is available to everyone. Sign up for our exclusive Elite Performance Lifestyle Plan as an individual or as a business.

About Elite Performance Lifestyle

Our business brings together some of the world’s leading coaches. Many of them are from the world of sports, but we also have coaches in from business.

Our core belief is that you can choose to have your business perform better through coaching. Can you think of a modern world-beating athlete that doesn’t have a coach? Can you think of a team that dominates their league that doesn’t have several members of coaching staff? It’s inconceivable.

Now, EPL brings our methods to your business. We encourage all the individuals in your team to sign up to our health and fitness programme so that they are ready to peak perform as individuals. And then we coach and train your leaders to make sure that they are ready to get the team to outperform as a collective.

Here’s what makes our approach unique:

Boosted productivity & staff motivation

We demand a team performance

We coach you on being coachable

We combine those three to produce stand-out results for your organisation.

Who is Wes Myron?

I’ve suffered setbacks in my work and professional sporting life.

The difference between me and most people is that I simply see that as an opportunity to a new way forward.

When my professional sports career ended, life as I knew it was over. For a period, I wallowed in it and felt sorry for myself. I’d worked so hard and, aged just 22, could no longer do the thing I loved the most.

Gradually, the clouds parted and I could see something new: I could use the experiences I had had as a sportsman for the benefit of others. I could help people by creating a personal training programme that would give them the personal life that they wanted.

But also, I created a programme for business and especially for leaders to use to encourage peak performance from their teams. The idea was simple: if you’re coachable, then you can achieve anything.

I say it proudly: I’m Wes Myron and the secret to my success is that I am coachable.

In the world of sports, we are coached relentlessly from a young age in order to achieve the highest highs. I realised the more that I spoke to others that, in business, coaching formed a much lesser part of performance.

Our programme brings world-class coaches and makes them available to you and your business.

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