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Total Cost Per Month: $ 5

EPL Subscription

$5.00 / month with 1 month free trial

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Please enter how many members of staff you have below to calculate your price

Total Cost Per Month: $ 5

EPL Subscription

$5.00 / month with 1 month free trial

  • 1 Month Free
  • Free App Download
  • Cancel Anytime

Please enter how many members of staff you have below to calculate your price

Total Cost Per Month: $ 5



The only app your staff will ever need to see huge improvements across their sleep, nutrition, fitness and mindset, for a happy, productive, successful team.

Whether you’re a small company or large multinational corporation, the secret to maximizing your output across your team is having healthy, focused, peak performing individuals.

The Elite Performance Lifestyle app provides world leading expert advice across our four pillars in easy to implement bespoke plans for your staff, including:

  • Sleep plans to maximize rest and recovery
  • Healthy, quick recipes to fit individual needs
  • Tailored workouts suitable for everyone, with in gym or home exercise plans available
  • Mindset advice to make procrastination a thing of the past and maximize each day

Now updated to include regular expert content across our pillars on how to best utilize working from home in a lockdown environment.


Learning from professional sport, we have applied the science of winning through implementing marginal gains and seeking constant improvement.

It is the science of supporting an individual or team to achieve as close to full potential as possible.

How would your business benefit if we could get your team and all your players to peak perform?

What kind of organisation would you be running if you operated this way, at scale?

Businesses, like any other teams, move through peaks and troughs of performance.

We work with organisations to apply the benefits and insights of sports coaching and methodology to your business. In our experience, that comes through both the individuals looking to transform themselves as individuals and the team/organisation looking to transform as a whole.

Peak-performing businesses are ones whose products and services are great, but which also have great teams. And great teams are made up of great individuals. We’ll help your team to go from good to great and then great to world-class.

Our program for business

Leaders, owners and managers often ask us: how can we apply this methodology to our business?

Our unique program works as follows:
Personal responsibility for personal peak performance – using our app and related personal program, people take ownership of their own wellbeing and performance. They have daily access to world-class training methods that are reliant on four factors: nutrition, fitness, sleep and focus.

Collective responsibility for team peak performance – in addition to each team member taking responsibility for their own performance.

We also run a series of monthly motivational talks from the world’s leading sports coaches on elements of peak performance. It’s all about improvement, creating happy environments and achieving goals. Content from these events is made available to everyone on the app to keep it constantly evolving with new insights and advice.

It’s this combination of the personal and the collective which marks out the truly great teams. That’s why our program works – because it leaves no stone unturned when it comes to peak performance. Using a combination of apps, programs, talks and insights, any development needs will quickly become apparent and can be addressed.

The Health & Wellbeing Productivity Deficit

Global businesses are in the grip of an annual trillion dollar Health and Wellbeing Productivity Deficit.

That’s the equivalent of $5,080 in lost productivity for every employee, due to poor physical and mental health, and lifestyle. However, 9 in 10 companies that invest in their workforce’s health and wellness report:

Boosted productivity & staff motivation

Reduced sick days by more than 50%

Boosted operating incomes by an average 19%

Every year, the UK alone loses £131.5bn in productivity due to low levels of employee health and well-being. This includes:

364m work days lost due to poor sleep

91m work days lost due to poor mental health

290m work days lost due to physical inactivity

The very best coaching brings teams together, while delivering exceptional individual performances


Winning teams have a different approach and mindset which marks them out from competitors.

  • Relentless in their pursuit of excellence, their commitment to their goals
  • Pure in their vision and their ability to communicate it passionately and persuasively
  • Able to understand the human dimension of any situation
  • Adept at understanding what questions to ask and when to ask them
  • Brilliant at visualising new possibilities and bringing them into reality
  • Expert at distinguishing the essential from the important
  • Practised at embracing failure, learning from it as the grounds for future success

At Elite Performance Lifestyle we believe it’s simple

Healthy Teams With Focused Mindsets Win

But how do you as a business leader create this in your team?

What if you could benefit from the proven learnings of top athletes and sports teams to achieve your goals?

We have assembled a team of experts who coach some of the world’s leading sportspeople in focus & motivation, sleep, nutrition and fitness to discover the crossover secrets and strategies from elite sports that can help SMEs achieve big goals.

Our experts have used these to create The Winning Formula Programme – designed to overcome the Health & Wellbeing Productivity Deficit by improving your team’s health, energy, and performance.

Ultimately, we help you create the elite winning mentality across your team, allowing you to achieve the ambitious wins you want.

If you are ready to experience the game-changing difference pro-sports coaching can apply to your business get in touch today.

The program is delivered through:

  • Online coaching via a smartphone app for your entire team.
  • Personalized plans for every staff member to help them achieve their personal peak performance.
  • Constantly updated with the latest most effective advice.
  • Regular seminars and masterclasses for business leaders.

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