How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Healthier Right Now!

How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Healthier Right Now!

Are you someone who puts off the things you deep down really want to do? Do you find yourself waiting for other things to be in place before you start your own projects?

How To Stop Procrastinating And Get Healthier Right Now!

Are you someone who puts off the things you deep down really want to do? Do you find yourself waiting for other things to be in place before you start your own projects?

Hey everyone. Are you someone who puts off the things you deep down really want to do? Do you find yourself waiting for other things to be in place before you start your own projects? Perhaps you feel like you’re always waiting for some indefinite point in the future to arrive before you can push through your fuzzy thoughts and take action?

We all know what procrastination feels like. It’s easy to push things back if we’re reluctant to do them, and we’re experts at avoiding tasks that we don’t want to complete. But what about those challenges that we DO actually want for ourselves? It makes no sense to put those off too, and yet many of us fall into exactly that trap.

If someone told you that with a few small changes, you could sleep better, eat better, feel happier, more motivated and look your absolute best too, your rational brain would not want that to be something you put off for another day, right?! That’s what the Wes Myron Fitness Elite Performance Lifestyle program is helping people just like you to do, right now.

The challenge is this: if feeling and looking great is a destination you want to get to – you just have to START. Let’s say that again: You. Just. Have. To. Start!

Psychologists have a few theories on why we procrastinate. Some think it’s to do with having a misjudged sense of the time available to do a certain thing. For others, it’s more around task aversion, and our need to avoid the distress we imagine will be associated with certain tasks.

If you’ve been putting off making a start on switching up your lifestyle, perhaps take a look at changing some of these habits. Who knows where it could lead you?!

Don’t catastrophize

This means overestimating how ‘bad’ something is going to be. Perhaps you worry that you’ll find something far too difficult, but don’t even give yourself the chance to find out? We can talk ourselves out of very simple changes by worrying about how painful, boring or just plain dull we will find them. However, the reality is hardly ever as bad as you expect. The challenge is to give yourself the benefit of the doubt. In reality, a little hard effort once in a while is not likely to kill you after all!

Take charge of your schedule

One of the little white lies we tell ourselves is that we can’t start something because ‘I simply don’t have time to fit this in’. This is rarely actually true – if we’re honest with ourselves, it is usually a case of simply prioritizing other things over the task we’re putting off. How much time do you spend an evening prioritizing catching up with your favorite show on TV, over any of the other things you could be doing?! Finding the time to eat right and exercise could be as simple as recognizing how much time you already spend on things like checking social media, and then just re-allocating that time to activities which are going to help you meet your lifestyle goals.

Understand your motivation

Our procrastination gets the better of us when we allow the short term realities to have more weight than the long term results of that action. For example, we put off going for a run because we don’t have the energy right at that second to go get changed and get outdoors. However, if we were to think of the end result of running regularly, after a couple of weeks we would notice our general energy level would be much higher all round. By focusing on the end result of what we want to achieve – whether that’s more energy, looking better, or feeling more motivated – it will almost always be a greater benefit than the short term ‘gain’ of not taking action. Try switching up your focus and seeing how much more you get done.

Don’t wait for a ‘right time’

Once we let go of the ridiculous notion that some day the stars will all align and everything we want to achieve will be easy, then we’ll be one step closer to meeting our goals! Life is not perfect. Perfectionists can fall into the trap of waiting for ‘the right time’ before starting out and making a change, but as we all know a lot of the time, life IS going to get in your way. The key to beating procrastination is to let go of perfectionism.
Now no-one is saying don’t strive for excellence, but when it comes to making small changes for the better, sometimes ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect’. So you don’t have time for a full workout? Do a shorter one, rather than none at all. Recognize your excuses for what they are – just excuses. It’s hard to be honest with ourselves sometimes, but it’s actually quite liberating to realize that the only thing holding you back from making a change for the better is your own mistaken beliefs.

Once we start letting go of the beliefs which are holding us back, there is no barrier to making a start on living a better life. The team at Wes Myron Fitness are super excited to be helping lots of people through the Elite Performance Lifestyle program to set their own goals, and smash them one by one. If you want to find out more about how the plan could help you change your lifestyle for the better then please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


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