The Never Settle Series – Wes Myron

The Never Settle Series – Wes Myron

Wes himself tells his story of the pain of leaving a pro sports career behind

The Never Settle Series – Wes Myron

Wes himself tells his story of the pain of leaving a pro sports career behind

In the first of a regular series looking at how to overcome adversity, even when it seems overwhelming, Wes himself tells his story of the pain of leaving a pro sports career behind, and how you can overcome whatever challenges you have to face in the future.

Name: Wes Myron

Instagram: @wes.myron

Location: Victoria, BC, Canada

What’s your story?

Born and raised in Victoria, I grew up super active playing all the different sports. I eventually stuck with hockey and that path has led me to where I’m at today.

From playing years of junior in my home town to a scholarship to Boston University and getting drafted to the NHL by the Vancouver Canucks, I have since gone on to become an entrepreneur, model and social media content creator.

My life isn’t the normal 9-5, but I love it this way. I like the roller coaster of crazy busy days, where things are flying for my business while I’m also off shooting for a brand. Juggling everything is an adrenaline filled rush that motivates me! Then there will be days where I may not have booked the modeling job I wanted so the roller coaster has come down and I now have to plan what my next move is and take the down periods as a chance to regroup, get organized and plan ahead. It’s a crazy fun balance!

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What is the toughest adversity/rock bottom moment you’ve overcome on your journey to living your best life, and how did you overcome this adversity?

All my life it was my goal to have a long and successful NHL hockey career. When the injuries and set backs started to pile up and I could see that door closing I had to make the hardest decision of my life and decide to step away from playing the game I loved so much! It was the hardest thing for me and the period of time that followed after was rock bottom.

I felt like I had lost a family member and like I was just going through the motions not knowing what to do next. Then I realized I may be down but I’m not out!

I drew on all my professional hockey experiences and training to rebuild my body physically and mentally. My motivations and passions started to return and I finally started to come out of my funk.

By doing this for myself I realized I could help others! I could give them the secrets that could unlock the life that they have been dreaming of. They simply needed to follow the proven and tested steps of a healthy body and mind relationship

Today this is my job. Helping people that have hit rock bottom or that don’t know where to get started, but know they want more out of their life!

What’s your goal for your next chapter?

I love where I am at, but I’m always striving for more and wanting to try/experience new things!

I want to reach and help more people achieve their goals as I grow my business! I want to become a more successful model and provide better content for brands on my social media channels, while still giving my followers what they want! I hope to maybe one day even try my hand at some acting 😉

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