Understanding What Motivates You

Understanding What Motivates You

I wanted to talk about motivation today, as it’s such a key part of success when it comes to crushing your goals.

Understanding What Motivates You

I wanted to talk about motivation today, as it’s such a key part of success when it comes to crushing your goals.

Hey guys, Wes here.

It’s been great to hear from so many of you about the fitness gains you’re seeing by following my Elite Performance Lifestyle program. It’s so inspiring to me to hear people loving life, and finally succeeding in making changes they’ve struggled with for years!

I wanted to talk about motivation today, as it’s such a key part of success when it comes to crushing your goals. I used to play a lot of hockey. Back then, if anyone asked me what motivated me to stick with the tough schedules and demanding training, I had an easy answer – I simply loved what I was doing so much!

Now, we at Wes Myron Fitness do understand that if you’ve never really been in a good place with exercise and nutrition before, it can seem hard to believe that you’d ever be able to say the same! But taking some time to really get to know yourself, inside and out, and what exactly it is which motivates you is going to set you up to totally transform your whole life.

Internal vs. external factors

When we think about getting the things that we want, we can split the desire to achieve this based on either internal (intrinsic) or external (extrinsic) factors. Internal factors will be doing something for its own sake – for the pleasure or enjoyment you personally are going to get out of it. By contrast, external motivating factors can include things like rewards, prizes, or even praise from other people. With external motivation, the source of the ‘push’ factor which gets you going comes from outside of your control.

Understanding which of these factors are influencing your lifestyle goals is so important for keeping on track. Internal reasons for getting in shape might include a desire to feel healthier. Or perhaps you want to achieve a personal milestone like running 10k. Or maybe you just want to feel happier in your own skin. Whatever the specific reasons, you’re going to be making changes based on your own personal satisfaction, not on any perceived reward. When you understand that this is what is motivating you to keep on track with your training plan, it’s much easier to do so.

In the same way, perhaps you want to make changes because of external factors. Perhaps you want to be able to be more active to keep up with your friends or family? Perhaps there’s a competition or race you want to win? Or perhaps you’re getting in shape so others will find you more attractive. Or maybe you have a killer outfit you want to look good in?

Find your focus

Whatever your motivation – and there is no right and wrong here – bringing your attention back daily to WHY you’re making lifestyle changes will keep you focused on moving forwards with your goals, one step at a time. Let’s not kid ourselves, there’s definitely going to be times when it’s hard! Like when your legs are burning, or you just want to give up before hitting that last set, but it’s at times like these that it’s so important to remember what’s put you on this path in the first place.

Understanding your own motivations is going to help you keep a long term view of how to meet your goals, especially when things get tough in the short term. It’s all about perspective. If you can visualize what it is you’re aiming for, and truly understand your motivations for doing so, your goals will be well within your reach.


I’m Wes Myron, a health and fitness coach based in Victoria, B.C. Canada. After playing hockey professionally, I’ve now gone on to develop long term lifestyle and training programs for anyone wanting to improve all aspects of their life – my Elite Performance Lifestyle Plan. I work with all kinds of clients, and am excited to share with you some of the things I’ve learned along the way!

I’d love to hear your questions or ideas for blogs, so please do get in touch. You can also check out the Wes Myron Fitness Facebook page (here) or my personal Instagram at @wes.myron as I’ll be dropping tips on there regularly. Nice to have you on board!

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