What Can You Learn From Pro Athletes

What Can You Learn From Pro Athletes

There are so many lessons from elite sports performance that can be applied to everyone’s daily life.

What Can You Learn From Pro Athletes

There are so many lessons from elite sports performance that can be applied to everyone’s daily life.

I get asked a lot by people and clients questions about my previous life as a professional hockey player. Some people want to know dressing room stories (sorry, wont be able to talk about that!), some people want to chat about key moments on the ice, but most people just want to know how they can learn from pro athletes to be more successful in their own lives.

I love these kind of questions, because there are so many lessons from elite sports performance that can be applied to everyone’s daily life! Here’s my top five things you can learn from pro athletes to improve your training today!

You’ve Gotta See It If You Wanna Win It!

Pro sports are all about focusing on the goal and dedicating every single thing you do to be one more step of the journey towards achieving it! You won’t hit your goal, whether it’s fitness or life related if you don’t know exactly what success looks like to you, and then zero in on it every day!

Anyone can do this, too. I have been lucky enough to have worked with world class motivation and focus experts, and I apply these learnings to my clients’ plans to keep them zoned in to hit their stepping stones towards their end results!

Be Competitive With Yourself!

Pro athletes possess a fierce competitive streak, which becomes a way of life. They never go through the motions but instead play games inside their head with themselves to push their bodies harder every day!

When I was playing we would have our teams daily practices, which would be competitive with drills run/judged by the coaches, but at the same time I would be running my own stats in my head – how many times I had beat a goalie in a drill – that kind of thing.

My advice to clients is to find the competition in everything they do. What can they do to beat their previous performance at work or in their lives? How can they put a number against everything in their fitness training, and beat it every time? It’s kinda cool to reframe things and then see how many ways there are to take that competitive spirit into your life every day!

It’s exciting to me when people harness this as then they see great improvements in their fitness and life goals!

Use Your Time Right!

The biggest difference with pro athletes is the time they have to put towards their goal, whereas most people have jobs and other life commitments to attend to. The chances are you won’t have 20+ hours a week like a pro to train, but you can make the most of the time you do have!

Get in the gym, toss on the music, crush your workout plan and get out! There is no good in dragging your 1 hr workout into 2+ hrs because you checked emails, social media and talked to every person you saw at the gym. Own that hour of your sweat session and get out! You’ll then have more time to send that email for work that you poorly sent between squat sets.

By getting your training, rest and nutrition plan together in the right way you’ll find you have a clear focus that will deliver results.

And don’t forget, in the same way championship teams are made in pre-season hard work, summer bodies are made in the winter 😉 – it’s just about using your time right!

Fall in love!

Have you ever really peaked in anything if you weren’t enjoying it? I can promise you that elite sports athletes are exactly the same, and you can see it in their performances when they’re not having a good time doing it.

I’m not saying that it’s fun when your legs are on fire and you still gotta do that last set. I’m not saying you’re loving life when you’re down 5-0 at halftime. What I’m saying is that it’s in those moments when you need to find why you love doing this. Pro athletes usually see what they do as their job, like anyone, but they also have a fundamental love of their sport, too!

When you’re training, see the fun in it! When you don’t want to hit that last rep or do that last half-mile, it’s this enjoyment and passion that will keep your mind focussed in on overcoming that short-term pain. After you’ve killed that workout, you’ll love it even more!

Hope you enjoyed that, guys. Keep hitting me up with questions and blog ideas, and I’ll get back to as many people as I can! Make sure you check out @wes.myron on Instagram for more training and nutrition tips too!

Thanks again, and speak soon!


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